Great Greed (known as Vitamina Oukoku Monogatari in Japan) is a Namco developed RPG that was released on the Game Boy in 1992. It's unarguably a leser known video game for the handheld, and was thus even listed in Tips & Tricks' 10 hard-to-find Game Boy games.


The gameplay will seem familiar to long-time RPG fans, and resembles the Game Boy Final Fantasy video games at the time. During battle, you'll control "Sierra Sam" and face against powerful enemies, though only one at a time (contrary to many other RPG's at the time). It also includes, like most RPG's, random fights with enemies.

Before you start the game, you'll be required to assign each battle command to a certain button, rather than scrolling a menu to see all of the different types of attacks that you are able to perform.

In all, there are seven different nations, which include the Island of Royal Refugeg, the nation of Sushi, Chow Mein, Curry, Spaghetti, Escargot, and Soup.


For a Game Boy game, there are plenty of characters to be found, though sadly there's only one playable character, Sam. Unlike most heroic RPG characters, Sam is quite strange - he's a hippie, environmentalist, and apparently loves to get naked. There are also, however, multiple assisting characters who'll join Sam for a short time during the game. They include -

Candy Candy Candy is a 19 year old and is the daughter of the royal family of Greene. She is capable of raising Sam's defense.
Cupcake Cup Cake She's an 11 year old and is another daughter of the royal family of Greene. Can raise Sam's attack power.
Lollypop Lolly Pop The daughter of Dr. Bromide. Can slightly heal sam in battle.
Truffle Truffle A 15 year old girl who can lower enemies' attributes during battle.
Citrus Citrus A 16 year old whose the best fighter in the Greene royal family. She can, unlike most of the other assist characters, directly attack.
Microwave Microwave An old lady who can cast offensive magic.
Gumdrop Gum Drop An 18 year old who can cast "Block".
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