GreatFox 64

The Great Fox in Star Fox 64.

Great fox

The Great Fox in Star Fox Assault.

The Great Fox (グレートフォックス Gurēto Fokkusu) is a ship from the Star Fox series. It is extremely powerful, and fast for a ship it's size. It has four wings used to stabilize it in atmospheric zones, and increased speed in a vacuum.

Arwings leave through a tunnel on the bottom of the ship, directly under the two plasma cannons, and they enter through a tunnel located near the rear and higher up, just above the main engine. It has changed over the years and games, in Star Fox for the SNES, it is only seen from the bottom once, but looks more like it does in Command. In Star Fox 64, it looks a bit like a fox, with a head, and has four wings located in the back.

In Star Fox Adventures, it looks similar to this design, but looks aged and less reliable. The Command Bridge is used mostly as an R&R area, with a small portion dedicated to piloting the ship. In Assault, it appears to be advanced by many years, and keeps the design. It has angles and points whereas the older models were more rounded. The head is elongated, and the Command Bridge is completely dedicated to operations during missions, and lacks the comfort quality from Adventures. It looks like a frigate, with it's bridge  located at the back, and it no longer has the "fox" like shape. However, it retains the four wings.

Your mission in the Command levels is not only to defeat the enemies, but also to protect the Great Fox, because if an enemy or missile reaches it, you fail the mission. It is Team Star Fox's key starship that is used for meetings and for launching the team's Arwings. In Star Fox 64, on the planet Aquas, the Great Fox is able to float on water and have its lower front hangar under the water. It then deploys the Blue Marine from the hanger. The Great Fox also has a ray gun for defense. This ship is found in the first three Super Smash Bros. games as a stage. It is also in the background of Lylat Cruise in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and is featured as two different trophies as well.

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