Gravity Beetle

Gravity Beetle.

Gravity Beetle (Gravity Beetbood in Japanese) is one of the eight Mavericks and bosses from Mega Man X3. He has his brother named Boomer Kuwanger. After the death of his brother, Gravity Beetle joined Dr. Doppler's army.


Similar to fighting Wood Man, Gravity Beetle will leap on a space and will be difficult if X doesn't prepare. Just like Gravity Man, Gravity Beetle can't walk at all. He'll throw a Gravity Well to make the battle tougher, so X must avoid the sphere and it'll fly away. Using Ray Splasher is best as it causes a great deal of damage, but he must stay away from Gravity Beetle. If Mega Man X is near Gravity Beetle on the wall, he doesn't have a chance to avoid, so he must wall jump and then shoot him. Then he repeats again.

Enemies in Gravity Beetle's stage

An asterisk (*) means that X didn't complete Blast Hornet's stage. A double asterisk (**) means that X completed Blast Hornet's stage.

  • Blady
  • Earth Commander
  • Head Gunner customer*
  • Head Gunner masspro**
  • Notor Banger
  • Wall Cancer

Other media

Gravity Beetle appeared in the manga, Rockman X3 and the Carddas, Rockman X Mega Mission.


  • Gravity Beetle, Blizzard Buffalo, Toxic Seahorse and Crush Crawfish are the only Mavericks to not appear in the Xtreme series.
  • Gravity Beetle, Boomer Kuwanger and Ground Scaravich are the only Mavericks in the series that are designed to resemble beetles.
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