Grave Danger is an action-adventure video game produced by a German developer Joindots, released in 2018 for the Nintendo Switch console. It is a remake of the original PC software developed in 2016 [3], now ported for the Switch and PlayStation 4 consoles.

The game is stylised upon a dark adventure through graveyards and dungeons, where the player takes control of three characters who have been framed as criminals, and must undertake their sinister journey to escape their world and clear their names.

It is available across all regions on the eShop service, but physical copies are only available in Europe where they are distributed by another German company, Markt+Technik.


The player takes control of three quirky protagonists - Dante the Cowboy, Malice the Grim Reaper and Elliot the Wizard who have been cast as outlaws according to the plot. [4]

Each of them have their own eccentric characteristics and abilities, which the player must take advantage of and switch between them accordingly to progress through platforming levels, and solve challenging puzzles. Dante can climb up vertical walls, Malice can float through chasms and narrow platforms, and Elliot can use his magical powers to elevate and jump higher. 

In addition to the standard gameplay experience, the game includes a co-op feature for two players to play together, and time trials.

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