List of grass-type Pokémon

Pokémon Type Information
PKMN001 Bulbasaur GrassGrassPoisonPoison This is the first species of Pokémon in the series. He is a grass type with a big flower on his back.
PKMN002 Ivysaur GrassGrassPoisonPoison Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur at level 16.
PKMN003 Venusaur GrassGrassPoisonPoison
PKMN043 Oddish GrassGrassPoisonPoison
PKMN044 Gloom GrassGrassPoisonPoison
PKMN045 Vileplume GrassGrassPoisonPoison
PKMN046 Paras BugBugGrassGrass
PKMN047 Parasect BugBugGrassGrass
PKMN069 Bellsprout GrassGrassPoisonPoison
PKMN070 Weepinbell GrassGrassPoisonPoison
PKMN071 Victreebel GrassGrassPoisonPoison
PKMN102 Exeggcute GrassGrassPsychicPsychic
PKMN103 Exeggutor GrassGrassPsychicPsychic
PKMN114 Tangela GrassGrass The first pure grass type in the national pokedex.
PKMN152 Chikorita GrassGrass
PKMN153 Bayleef GrassGrass
PKMN154 Meganium GrassGrass
PKMN182 Bellossom GrassGrass
PKMN187 Hoppip GrassGrassFlyingFlying
PKMN188 Skiploom GrassGrassFlyingFlying
PKMN189 Jumpluff GrassGrassFlyingFlying
PKMN191 Sunkern GrassGrass
PKMN192 Sunflora GrassGrass
PKMN251 Celebi PsychicPsychicGrassGrass
PKMN252 Treecko GrassGrass
PKMN253 Grovyle GrassGrass
PKMN254 Sceptile GrassGrass
PKMN270 Lotad WaterWaterGrassGrass
PKMN271 Lombre WaterWaterGrassGrass
PKMN272 Ludicolo WaterWaterGrassGrass
PKMN273 Seedot GrassGrass
PKMN274 Nuzleaf GrassGrassDarkDark
PKMN275 Shiftry GrassGrassDarkDark
PKMN285 Shroomish GrassGrass
PKMN286 Breloom GrassGrassFightingFighting
PKMN315 Roselia GrassGrassPoisonPoison
PKMN331 Cacnea GrassGrass
PKMN332 Cacturne GrassGrassDarkDark
PKMN345 Lileep RockRockGrassGrass
PKMN346 Cradily RockRockGrassGrass
PKMN357 Tropius GrassGrassFlyingFlying
PKMN387 Turtwig GrassGrass A Pokémon that resembles a turtle. As you can see, he also has a twig sprouting from his head.
PKMN388 Grotle GrassGrass
PKMN389 Torterra GrassGrassGroundGround
PKMN406 Budew GrassGrassPoisonPoison
PKMN407 Roserade GrassGrassPoisonPoison
PKMN420 Cherubi GrassGrass
PKMN421 Cherrim GrassGrass
PKMN455 Carnivine GrassGrass
PKMN459 Snover GrassGrassIceIce
PKMN460 Abomasnow GrassGrassIceIce
PKMN465 Tangrowth GrassGrass
PKMN470 Leafeon GrassGrass
PKMN492 Shaymin GrassGrass
PKMN495 Snivy GrassGrass Snivy is the starter Pokémon of Unova. Has a big leaf on its back.
PKMN496 Servine GrassGrass Snivy evolves into Servine at Level 17.
PKMN497 Serperior GrassGrass
PKMN511 Pansage GrassGrass
PKMN512 Simisage GrassGrass
PKMN540 Sewaddle BugBugGrassGrass The first dual Grass type in the Unova region.
PKMN541 Swadloon BugBugGrassGrass
PKMN542 Leavanny BugBugGrassGrass
PKMN546 Cottonee GrassGrassFairyFairy
PKMN547 Whimsicott GrassGrassFairyFairy
PKMN548 Petilil GrassGrass
PKMN549 Lilligant GrassGrass
PKMN556 Maractus GrassGrass
PKMN585 Deerling NormalNormalGrassGrass
PKMN586 Sawsbuck NormalNormalGrassGrass
PKMN590 Foongus GrassGrassPoisonPoison
PKMN591 Amoonguss GrassGrassPoisonPoison
PKMN597 Ferroseed GrassGrassSteelSteel
PKMN598 Ferrothorn GrassGrassSteelSteel
PKMN640 Virizion GrassGrassFightingFighting
PKMNXY650 Chespin GrassGrass
PKMNXY651 Quilladin GrassGrass
PKMNXY652 Chesnaught GrassGrassFightingFighting
PKMNXY672 Skiddo GrassGrass
PKMNXY673 Gogoat GrassGrass
PKMNXY708 Phantump GhostGhostGrassGrass
PKMNXY709 Trevenant GhostGhostGrassGrass
PKMNXY710 Pumpkaboo GhostGhostGrassGrass
PKMNXY711 Gourgeist GhostGhostGrassGrass
PKMNSM722 Rowlet GrassGrassFlyingFlying The starter Pokémon for Alola. It has a flying secondary type
PKMNSM723 Dartrix GrassGrassFlyingFlying
PKMNSM724 Decidueye GrassGrassGhostGhost
PKMNSM753 Fomantis GrassGrass
PKMNSM754 Lurantis GrassGrass
PKMNSM755 Morelull GrassGrassFairyFairy
PKMNSM756 Shiinotic GrassGrassFairyFairy
PKMNSM761 Bounsweet GrassGrass
PKMNSM762 Steenee GrassGrass
PKMNSM763 Tsareena GrassGrass
PKMNSM781 Dhelmise GhostGhostGrassGrass
PKMNSM787 Tapu Bulu GrassGrassFairyFairy
PKMNSM798 Kartana GrassGrassSteelSteel
PKMNSS810 Grookey GrassGrass
PKMNSS811 Thwackey GrassGrass
PKMNSS812 Rillaboom GrassGrass
PKMNSS829 Gossifleur GrassGrass
PKMNSS830 Eldegoss GrassGrass
PKMNSS840 Applin GrassGrassDragonDragon
PKMNSS841 Flapple GrassGrassDragonDragon
PKMNSS842 Appletun GrassGrassDragonDragon
Calyrex PsychicPsychicGrassGrass

Forms with Grass-type

Pokémon Type Information
PKMNXY003-M Mega Venusaur GrassGrassPoisonPoison
PKMNSM103-A Alolan Exeggutor GrassGrassDragonDragon
PKMN254-M Mega Sceptile GrassGrassDragonDragon
PKMN413 Wormadam
Plant Cloak
File:PKMNXY460-M.png Mega Abomasnow GrassGrassIceIce
PKMN479-L Mow Rotom ElectricElectricGrassGrass
PKMN492-S Shaymin
Sky Forme
File:PKMN493-Grass.png Arceus
Meadow Plate
File:PKMNSM773-Grass.png Silvally
Grass Memory

List of grass-type moves

Name Category Contest PP Power Accuracy Generation
Vine WhipPhysicalPhysicalCool1535100%First
Mega DrainSpecialSpecialClever1540100%First
Leech SeedStatusStatusClever1090%First
Razor LeafPhysicalPhysicalCool255595%First
Solar BeamSpecialSpecialCool10120100%First
Stun SporeStatusStatusClever3075%First
Sleep PowderStatusStatusClever1575%First
Petal DanceStatusStatusBeautiful10120100%First
Cotton SporeStatusStatusBeautiful40100%Second
Giga DrainSpecialSpecialClever1075100%Second
Needle ArmPhysicalPhysicalClever1560100%Third
Grass WhistleStatusStatusClever1555%Third
Bullet SeedPhysicalPhysicalCool3025100%Third
Frenzy PlantSpecialSpecialCool515090%Third
Magical LeafSpecialSpecialBeautiful2060Third
Leaf BladePhysicalPhysicalCool1590100%Third
Worry SeedStatusStatusClever10100%Fourth
Seed BombPhysicalPhysicalTough1580100%Fourth
Energy BallSpecialSpecialBeautiful1080100%Fourth
Leaf StormSpecialSpecialBeautiful514090%Fourth
Power WhipPhysicalPhysicalTough1012085%Fourth
Grass KnotSpecialSpecialCute20Varies100%Fourth
Wood HammerPhysicalPhysicalTough15120100%Fourth
Seed FlareSpecialSpecialBeautiful512085%Fourth
Grass PledgeSpecialSpecialBeautiful1050100%Fifth
Horn LeechPhysicalPhysicalTough1075100%Fifth
Leaf TornadoSpecialSpecialCool106590%Fifth
Cotton GuardStatusStatusCute10—%Fifth
Spiky Shield StatusStatus Tough 15 —% Sixth
Grassy Terrain StatusStatus Beautiful 10 —% Sixth
Forest's Curse StatusStatus Clever 20 —% Sixth
Petal Blizzard PhysicalPhysical Beautiful 15 90 100% Sixth
Leafage PhysicalPhysical ??? 40 49 100% Seventh
Solar Blade PhysicalPhysical ??? 10 125 100% Seventh
Strength Sap StatusStatus ??? 10 100% Seventh
Trop Kick PhysicalPhysical ??? 15 70 100% Seventh
Sappy Seed PhysicalPhysical ??? 15 90 100% Seventh
Apple Acid SpecialSpecial ??? 10 80 100% Eighth
Branch Poke PhysicalPhysical ??? 40 40 100% Eighth
Drum Beating PhysicalPhysical ??? 10 80 100% Eighth
Grav Apple PhysicalPhysical ??? 10 80 100% Eighth
Snap Trap PhysicalPhysical ??? 15 35 100% Eighth

Z-Moves & Max Moves

  • Bloom Doom (Grassium Z)
  • Max Overgrowth
  • G-Max Sweetness - Appletun
  • G-Max Tartness - Flapple
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