The Grand Finale Galaxy is a galaxy in the video game Super Mario Galaxy. It is literally the last galaxy of the game, but it is also seen at the very beginning in the prologue. It is unlocked when the player collects 120 Power Stars then defeats Bowser with Luigi. A Green Luma will transform into a Launch Star to launch Mario to the Grand Finale Galaxy on the Comet Observatory.

Power Stars

The only Power Star on the galaxy is where the player must collect Purple Coins in the galaxy. After beating it, the player will receive a message on the Wii Message Board congratulating them on beating the game. The picture is different depending on if Mario or Luigi is used in that level.


  • It is possible to take damage, therefore to die in this level. The player can simply jump into the fire roasting food that is just past the gate to Peach's Castle area near Yellow Toad. Damage can also be taken by diving into the water and waiting for the air meter to deplete.