Grace & Glory are first sphere virtues which are fifth rank of the hierarchy of Laguna, the chain of command of the Angels of Paradiso. They are humanoid/bird-like Angels with giant claws with the power to control fire and lightning. They are said to be the guardian angels of twins and the source of the increased spiritual power between them.

Bayonetta series


They are introduced in Chapter V where they are fought multiple times. They are very common mini bosses that are used in most chapters after their introduction. Additionally, they replace most common enemies in hard mode and above.

Bayonetta 2

They are only fought in the chapters located 500 years in the past where they are once again fought as a duo.

Hierarchy of Laguna

"Grace, draped in flame, and Glory, controller of lightning, are the twin escorts of the Creator. They share a wild disposition and are often depicted as gods of war, heroically leading the soldiers of Paradiso into battle, with their giant claw-like weapons being symbols of their ferocity. Humanity recognizes the increased spiritual power of twins, a power that comes from the blessings of Grace and Glory."



  • Grace and Glory were one of the first enemies designed and programmed in the entire Bayonetta series. In his commentary, Hideki Kamiya shares that when the enemies were first loaded in with all the skills designed for them, they were so hard it was almost impossible to beat them. This called for a modification to their AI: While Grace and Glory always appear together, player only fights one at a time, though they do attempt to switch.