Grace Throwing

Tokyo Crash Mobs Screenshot.

Grace is the protagonist of the Nintendo 3DS downloadable game Tokyo Crash Mobs.


Grace is a general-looking Japanese woman. Her hair is in a bun and she is wearing a pink T-shirt and a white skirt.


Grace is an impatient 19 year old woman who wants to get into the shops of Tokyo quickly. She'll be throwing people from the line at others,sending them flying off into the sky. In one of the game's cut-scenes, Grace is seen watching Savannah in her sleep. This could lead to Grace being somewhat of a stalker.


  • Grace is portrayed by an actress, rather than animated.
  • When throwing a person, Grace makes a "Hah!" sound with her voice. This could be a stereotype of Japanese people having relation to Kung Fu, although Kung Fu is Chinese.

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