A Grabbit in Hey! Pikmin.
Series Pikmin series
First game Hey! Pikmin
Species Jellyper Family
Created by Nintendo
Year created 2017

The Grabbit is a member of the Jellyper Family in Hey! Pikmin. They are grasshopper-like creatures with a head similar to the members of the Scarpanid Family and like them, they were able to fly in the distant past.


Grabbits can hop at a pretty impresive height and use this at its main mean of transportation. They will also turn around when they face a wall and can be rather dangerous since they can land directly on the Pikmin from above, killing any that were crushed by it. It is really weak however and can be easily killed by a single Pikmin throw.


Hey! Pikmin Log

"The wings on its back are decorative; it can't actually fly. Its powerful legs give its jumps some hang time, though. My jumps, meanwhile, are not worth mentioning, but the jetpack on my back does let me fly over short distances. I wonder if it's jealous of me for that."