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Goowain is a recruitable monster from Dragon Quest VI. He is a gallant slime knight and optional character. He can join the party after the events at Howcastle.


In the Super Famicom version, Goowain is one of the names for a recruited Slime Knight. A Slime Knight can be recruited if one of the party is a Rank 2 Monster Master.

In the DS remake, Goowain can be recruited as soon as the magic key is obtained. He is beyond the magic key door in Prince Howard's room. Speak to him and he will ask to join the party.


Living up to his name, Goowain is gallant, noble, and honorable. As a Slime Knight, he rides a large green-colored slime (his 'gloopy steed') and wears grey armor. His shield has a slime carved into it.

Base Stats

Goowain is met at level 1.

Attribute Stat
HP 40
MP 6
Strength 44
Agility 20
Resilience 45
Wisdom 25
Style 15


Goowain learns a number of skills on his own, regardless of vocation.

Level Ability MP Cost Effect
1 Heal 2 Restores ~30 HP to one ally.
3 Drain Magic 0 Drains & absorbs MP from the enemy.
8 Kabuff 3 Raises the defense of all party members.
13 Focus Strength 0 Saves energy to attack on the next turn with more force.
18 Cop Out 0 Allows the user to deflect damage from an attack onto an enemy or ally.
25 Falcon Slash 0 Hits the opponent twice in one turn.



Goowain is a slime pun on the name Gawain, one of the Arthurian Knights of the Round Table.

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