Goomba's Greedy Gala is a casino-based board in Mario Party 4 hosted by Goomba. He built it because he loves gambling, and a casino is the perfect place for his friends to have fun in. The board has a 2/3 difficulty.

Board Elements

The main gimmick of the board is the large roulette wheel in the center of the board determining which quadrant the player goes into. The Goomba can be paid in coins to weigh the chances in the player's favor. If they land on the star slot, the player earns 20 coins and can go into any quadrant they want.

The item minigame involves a shell game using cards. When the Goombas stop moving the cards around, the player selects one and gets a item on the card. The Coin Minigame is a slot machine where the player ground pounds to stop them. The total sum is the amount of coins the player gets if it matches. If they don't match, they get one coin.

Special Spaces

There are dice spaces all around the board. When the player hits one, they play a dice game with a Goomba. If the player can roll higher, they get 10 Coins but, if they roll the same or lower, the Goomba sends them back to start.

The Happening Spaces at the top of the board, cause the player to slide across the other side by a Goomba. The player can control their movement to get Coins along the way.

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