Goolix is a creature of Unknown Family in the Pikmin series that serves as a Boss in Pikmin.


This foe is made of water, so only Blue Pikmin have the ability to attack this foe. Olimar must throw the Blue Pikmin on the small ball and run around in circles, making the monster unable to do anything. This foe is very uncommon in the game. It is exclusive to The Impact Site.

This foe can be found after the eighth day in the game. He can be found only on odd-numbered days and makes eleven appearances total in the game.


Reel Notes

"A watery gelatinous membrane protects this creatures nervous system."

Ship Log

"Within the transparent gel that envelops this organism are two nuclei that appear to make up its actual torso - and most likely its entire nerve center. The nuclei look like they're hard, but I believe that there must be some way to crack them."

Guide Book

This is information shown in the Guide Book:

"Floating within the Greater Water Slime's transparent body are its dual nuclei. The Greater Water Slime's system is contained within its main nucleus, which displays a marbleized sheen. The Greater Water Slime's secondary nucleus is beige and serves as a defense system to weaken prey and nutrients that have been absorbed through the organism's amorphous membrane. Prior to absorption, most prey will succumb to the watery membrane, which coats the Greater Water Slime's body."

Nintendo Player's Guide Description

"Only blue Pikmin can safely penetrate the goolix's blobby body. Lead your Pikmin toward the blue nucleus, then hit X to unleash them."

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