Gooigi is a clone of Luigi who appears in the Nintendo 3DS remake of Luigi's Mansion. He appears in Luigi's image, but is entirely composed of green goo, hence his name, and wields a gooey version of the Poltergust 3000. He was created by a future Professor E. Gadd that appears to be from the period of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and then sent back in time to assist Luigi and the E. Gadd from the past during the events of the first game. Gooigi becomes a central character in Luigi's Mansion 3 as he is one of the two playable characters of the game and can solve puzzles normally impossible for Luigi and vice versa.

Luigi's Mansion series

Luigi's Mansion

In the game, Gooigi serves as the second player in the game's new multiplayer mode. He begins with only 50 HP and is vulnerable to fire, burning and melting very easily, but can revive indefinitely if his health reaches zero. When Gooigi is not being played by a second player, he is seen in the background of The Lab staring at some test tubes.

After the end credits, the future E. Gadd calls a second time to look at Gooigi's stats if the game was played in multiplayer.

Luigi's Mansion 3

Professor E. Gadd give Gooigi the task of helping Luigi fight the ghosts who captured his friends in Luigi's Mansion 3. As such Gooigi is an extremely important character in this game and can be controlled separately from Luigi even in single player as he is needed to solve certain puzzles. Gooigi is constantly stored in Luigi's Poltergust G-OO when not active and the player can chose to switch between the two player characters whenever they pleases.

Gooigi is able to phase through fences and is immune to spikes but can melt if exposed to water a weakness that Luigi doesn't have, which makes both of them unique characters gameplaywise.

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