The Good Egg Galaxy is one of the first galaxies that Mario will travel to in Super Mario Galaxy. This galaxy features multiple Stars, some required and some hidden. Finding a certain amount of Stars will lead you to the next galaxy. Bosses here include the Dino Piranha and the King Kaliente that is engulfed in flames.


The galaxy features a wide range of different types of planets, from the one that resembles a Yoshi Egg to another that takes place in one appears to be an oversized transparent pill. The planets are usually grassy or rocky, and oftentimes you find a black hole in the middle of some, indicating that you shouldn't attempt to go underneath this particular planet, as you would be sucked in.



Being one of the any paramount galaxies, this galaxy has six Stars, three of them considered "secret Stars". The first and third Stars called "Dino Piranha" and "King Kaliente's Battle Fleet" will feature the galaxy's two boss battles, while the second (A Snack of Cosmic Proportions) will require Mario to feed a hungry Luma on the "Yoshi Egg Planet".

The secret Stars include two prankster comets (one involving a speed run and another involving the Purple Coins) and one where you must venture off and save Luigi who is stuck on a lone planet.

  • Dino Piranha
  • A Snack Of Cosmic Proportions
  • King Kaliente's Battle Fleet
  • Dino Piranha Speed Run
  • Purple Coin Omelet
  • Luigi On The Roof


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