Goober is a recruitable monster from Dragon Quest VI. He is a slime that is being trained for combat in Slimpolis.


Goober is an optional character that exclusive to the DS remake of VI. He can be acquired from Sledge in Slimpolis after a slime companion wins all levels of the tournament. Sledge will ask the player to train Goober.


Goober is a basic blue slime. He is small and uses very little human language. At first, he is rather useless as a party member. However, his innate elemental resistances, top-tier breath attacks, and general flexibility make him a worthy choice. Unfortunately, it takes a while to actually recruit him, so his good points come much too late in the game for him to make any difference.

Base Stats


Goober learns a number of skills on his own, regardless of vocation. 

Level Ability MP Cost Effect
Start Midheal 5 Heals one party member by at least 75 HP.
Start Kabuff 3 Raises defense of entire party
Start Snooze 3 Puts one group of enemies to sleep.
Start Frizzle 4 Singes one enemy with a large fireball.
Start Sizzle 6 Burns a group of enemies with fire.
45* C-C-Cold Breath 0 All enemies are leveled with an extremely cold breath attack.
90 Scorch 0 All enemies are leveled with an incredibly hot breath attack.


                  Character Appearances
Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation