Gomar & Shioh ​are playable racers from the F-ZERO series.


Hailing from the planet Huckmine, Gomar & Shioh are members of the Furikake race, a people known for their unusual custom of pairing for life. As soon as they emerge from their seeds pods (which may be dormant for centuries), they find a partner and pair up with that individual and do not leave them until they both find mates to marry and as a result have new partners. Gomar and Shioh are two such examples of this. Gomar is the short one who boasts an impressive intellect, whereas Shioh is tall and boasts a tall physique. Both are very envious of the others abilities, but get along well. When one begins to say something, the other will finish his sentence.

The intelligent Gomar is very short and envies the stature of Shioh, while Shioh is a tall creature who admires Gomar greatly and depends entirely on his decision-making. This peculiar pair works together, deftly manipulating their F-ZERO machine built for two.

Although they perform as one person, the F-Zero committee at first denied their entry due to considering them as two individuals. However, thanks to the EAD foundation their entry was put up to vote and they were allowed to enter by a 9 to 8 vote. They have since worked together in the Twin Noritta. Despite the presence of two cockpits, they drive together in perfect synch. However their career in the F-Zero GP may soon end, as they are going to get married the next year, which will mean they will both have new partners for life.

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