Goldon and Silvox appear as bosses in Kirby Star Allies. on the planet Mareen Moon. They are an upgraded version of Pon & Con, who appeared earlier as a mid-boss in the third area, Fortress of Shadows: Jambastion.

In their boss caption, Goldon and Silvox are titled the Metal Heavies.

Physical Appearance

Goldon looks similar to Pon, although he has a golden colour scheme, and his body shines.

Silvox resembles a raccoon as does Pon, although Silvox has a silver colour scheme, and he sparkles like his partner Goldon does.


Goldon and Silvox walk around the battlefield. As they do, they will bring their children (miniature variations of them) along for the ride. Kirby can use his inhale to vacuum their minions up and spit them back at the duo to damage them. After they have their stamina cut down to 60% maximum, they change the battlefield's layout. In this phase, the Metal Heavies may fake their charge attack upon going into the tower in the middle and roll out a bomb that can be swallowed for a copy ability or used as ammunition against the Metal Heavies. Draining the rest of their stamina causes them to fly around and smash the screen with surprised looks, at which point the Metal Heavies self-destruct or vanish.


Goldon may have earned his name from gold and raccoon, while Silvox may have earned his from silver and fox.


  • Goldon and Silvox are revealed to have been wanting to go on an adventure and have a raft in their Soul Melter Showdown pause screen description. Comically, Goldon states that he and Silvox would sink that raft which dissuades them from going off.
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