Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (JP) is a Nintendo DS game which is the successor to Golden Sun: The Lost Age, as well being the third game in the Golden Sun series. The game starts out with new characters and takes place after the previous game. It was released during the 2010 holiday season.


Isaac and Garet from the previous games make an appearance early on, though the other 6 do not. Kraden also appears, the first time in a location called "Konpa Ruins", the second being permanently joining after the activation of the Luna Tower. Playable characters include:

  • Matthew: The son of Isaac. He is the main protagonist of the game. Like the other two protagonists, Isaac and Felix, he is a Venus (Earth) adept.
  • Karis: The daughter of Ivan. She is a Jupiter (Wind) adept. However, unlike other Jupiter adepts, she does not possess the ability to read minds.
  • Tyrell: The son of Garet. He is a Mars (fire) adept.
  • Rief: The son of Mia. He is also the brother of a non-playable adept called Nowell. Both are Mercury (water) adepts.
  • Amiti: The prince of Ayuthay, and the son of King Paithos' sister, Veriti. He is a Mercury adept.
  • Sveta: A beastman who is sister to King Volechek of Morgal. She is a Jupiter adept.
  • Eoleo: The prince of Champa, and son of the notorius pirate, Briggs. He is a Mars adept.
  • Himi: The daughter of Susa, an NPC who also appeared in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Himi is a priestess of Yamata (formerly Izumo), and is a Venus adept.
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