The Gold Flowers are power-ups which appear in New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the Nintendo 3DS. They first appear in World 2-1. When collected, Mario or Luigi become Gold Mario or Silver Luigi and be able to shoot golden or silver fireballs that explode and do splash damage when they hit blocks, enemies, or walls. If enemies are hit by the projectiles, they will yield an amount of Coins. These fireballs are capable of taking out stronger enemies that are normally immune to regular fireballs. However, the Boohemoth cannot be defeated with the Gold Flower, due to its colossal size. Even Bowser can be taken out with a single gold or sliver fireball, as evidenced with the Gold Classics Pack. Jumping on stompable enemies also gives coins. Mario or Luigi can also transform several Brick Blocks at once into coins with a fireball shot. Blocks with items will be activated instead. If Gold Mario or Silver Luigi beat a level, they return to Fire form respectively. If they take damage, they will revert to Super form.

The Mario Bros. can also receive a free Gold Flower from Toad if they were to find and enter a Yellow Toad House (except in World Star, where he gives a Super Star instead). The Gold Flower has higher priority than most other items, meaning that only the Super Star can replace this item in the player's inventory. Outside the inventory, only the Mega Mushroom and the Invincibility Leaf have higher priority than the Gold Flower, and if Mario or Luigi are under the effects of the Invincibility Leaf when they get hold of a Gold Flower, it is placed in the player's inventory. The Gold Flower is the only power-up (aside from the Super Leaf and the Mega Mushroom) that makes an unique noise when coming out of a Question Block and when being used to transform.

Gold Flowers return as usable item shot in Mario Golf: World Tour. They grant the player one Coin for every yard that the ball travels, and are not effective in putts.


New Super Mario Bros. 2

  • North American Website Bio: "Find this rare flower to turn into Gold Mario, and wield Gold Fireballs that turn almost everything into coins—bricks, Goombas, you name it. Each enemy you stomp on also offers up five coins."
  • European Website Bio: "Grab a Gold Flower to transform into Gold Mario, who can throw Gold Fireballs to turn blocks or enemies into coins! When playing via wireless with a friend, Gold Flowers turn Luigi into Silver Luigi – we always knew he was a sterling chap!"


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