Gold Cliff is a multi-screen Game & Watch game about collecting treasure. The player controls an archaeologist and scales disappearing platforms in the ancient ruins. In every set of 4 levels, the first 3 require the player to grab a key on the right side of the ruins and take the key to the top left to progress. In the 4th level, the player must grab a sword on the left side of the ruins and take it to the top. At the top of the ruins, an enemy will be moving; to defeat it, the player must press up on the D-pad to stab the enemy when it is directly above. Each level is timed, and when the timer hits 30, crabs begin to appear, and will result in a miss if the touch the player.

Gold Cliff was released in 1988, making it the last Game & Watch to be released before the Game Boy. This was the first Game and Watch to include a Continue button, which starts the player at the level they left off on the last time they played.

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