Golas is a minor character who made her debut appearance in Star Fox: Farewell, Beloved Falco. She is a Goras who serves Captain Shears.


Golas is stubbornly loyal to Captain Shears to the point she obeyes him like a pet. Shears does show some endearment to Golas, one time calling her "Gola". Other than that, her personality is largely unknown.


Golas makes her first appearance where she and Katt Monroe square off on the Titanian surface. She manages to escape when Falco Lombardi arrives. He shoots at her, but all that remains as she vanishes is a hole in the floor, implying she burrowed away before her opponent could dish out enough damage.

She later appears as Shears worries that his files have been hacked, so he orders the Golas to capture Slippery Toad, which the former does as the latter has bad memories of when she crashed her Arwing on the planet.

Golas appears for the last time where she blocks Katt Monroe's path. She attempts to kill the Hot-rodder leader, but fails when Falco Lombardi arrives at the last second, having repaired his Arwing from the duel between him and his vulpine friend Fox McCloud (who is now inside the base dealing with Shears). He pierces Golas' heart, killing her. She almost crushes Katt, but Kool saves her as the Golas collapses.


  • Etymology: Her name is basically her species name Golas translated to Engrish.
  • She was not named in the Japanese version.
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