Goku (猿(ごくう)) is a character in the Famicom Disk System video game Yūyūki. He is the main protagonist of the game who is based on the character Sun Wukong from the novel Journey to the West, of which this game is based on.



One night the young girl Chao discovers a meteor that had crashed close her home. When she investigates it a monkey is born from it. Chao names the monkey Goku and begins to take care of it. However, Goku is taken away from her by Oshakasama, the peacekeeper of the heavens, who reveals that Goku is the Monkey King and that he was trapped in the meteor as a punishment for his crimes.

While Chao is sent on a journey to acquire the Mallet of Light, Goku is sent to a prison far away in a desert. Here he is found by Sanzo the priest who is told by Oshakasama to make Goku his apprentice and take him with him on his journey to India. Goku is given the task to save the world from Gyumao, his former accomplice, if he wants to remain free from the prison. Goku is given a headband that allows Sanzo to control Goku if he loses his self-control. In their journey to the west they search for Chao to receive the Mallet of Light and are also accompanied by Hakkai the pig demon and Gojo the Kappa. During his travels Goku learns the value of kindness and diligence from Chao and becomes more peaceful, wishing for no more than to live in happiness with her.

Other appearances

  • Kirby's Dream Land 3: Goku appeared alongside Chao in a one of the stages. Goku had to be found in one of the secret areas in the level and be brought back to Chao at the end of the level.
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