Gobblegut attacking Mario.

Gobblegut(JP) is a snake-like creature from the video game Super Mario Galaxy 2. It appears as the boss of the galaxy Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla. Its attacks include head butting the ground in an attempt to hit Mario. Its only weakness is using the spin on the pink swellings spread across its body.

It reappears later in the Battle Belt Galaxy as Fiery Gobblegut, who looks the same, except is all fiery. This version of Gobblegut leaves behind patches of fire when it dives into the ground and can hurt Mario through contact alone.


Gobblegut appears as a serpent-like dragon that is pretty long and has large pink swellings (which are Bellyache Bulges according to Bowser Jr.) spread across its body. It has a couple of fangs and a huge snout. Its scales are blueish green and have swirl designs on them. It has no scales on its underside, exposing its pink skin. It has a few jagged, brown crystals growing out of its head, and has a large bulbous chin that has many scars on it. It has orange eyes that have a demented look to them. Gobblegut also resembles a Chinese dragon.

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