Go Vacation is a minigame collection developed by Bandai Namco similar to Wii Sports Resort. The game is divided into 4 different areas which sets the themes for the minigame.


The game has 50 activities across the four different resorts: Marine, Snow, Mountain and City. The island can be explored freely by walking, rollerblading or using an ATV depending on the resort. There are also hidden items hidden in this overworld. Several of the multiplayer activities are in splitscreen and some of the minigames are compatible with the Wii accesories including the Balance Board and MotionPlus.

The different resorts have different focuses that match their themes. The Marine Resort focuses on beach and water activities including diving, beach volleyball, water gun fights, ATV races and Jet Skis. The Snow Resort focuses on winter activities including snowboarding, snowball fights and skiing. The Mountain Resort focuses on more outdoorsy activities including rafting, off-road racing and tennis. The City Resort focuses on extreme sports and leisure games including skating, racing, minigolf and carnival games.


At the City Resort

Motor Fest

The first recommended activity by Lily, the player races to the finish line in race car, motorbike or circuit car.

Dance (Wii Exclusive)

The second recommended activity by Lily, the activity involves moving the Wii remote in line with that of the moves displayed on the TV.

Pie Throwing

Dodge pies or throw pies at your opponent. According to the City Resort Radio, this discipline dates back to an ancient practice on Kawawii Island.


Soar through the skies on hang glider and try to get through all the hoops before you reach the finish... in a set amount of time!

Wheel Slider

Slide through a fun filled tube of excitement!

Table Hockey

Hit a floating puck in the opponents goal.

Glass Harp

Rub your fingers against glasses to create beautiful notes.

Skate Tricks

Pull of awesome tricks on skates or skateboard.

Grind Master

Keep grinding on the rails without falling.

Mole Panic

Whack the moles with your mallet as they pop out of the board.

Power Hitter

Whack the ball and hit as many panels as you can.

Bucket Ball

Throw balls into the bucket.

Power Boxer

Punch the target with your hardest punch.

Mini Golf

Putt the ball into the hole.


Jump of the sides of the halfpipe and perform tricks.

Sword Fighting (Wii Exclusive)

Whack your opponent with your sword. (Requires Wii Motion Plus)

Ace Pitcher

Throw a ball and knock down the panels. (Requires Wii Motion Plus)


You are enjoying your "retirement" in Kawawii Island, a paradise resort.


The Wii version received "mixed to average" reviews from critics according to Metacritic with a current Metascore of 64/100.

The Switch version received "mixed to average" reviews from critics according to Metacritic with a current Metascore of 62/100.

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