Glydon is a character in Super Mario Odyssey. He is a gliding enthusiastic similar to a flying lizard. Mario meets him in several kingdoms throughout the game and can use Cappy to capture him and reach Power Moons that would normally be out of reach.


When Mario takes over Glydon, he can glide or dive. His dive is very fast and hard to steer, mainly used to gather speed. When he is gliding, shaking the controller help keeps him in the air longer.

When captured, Glydon cannot touch water. As soon as hits the surface of the water, he disappears. Alternatively, he does not sink in quicksand, just stomps around, keeping above the surface.


  • From his bandana's motifs and his ability to walk on quicksand, it is likely that he is native to the Sand Kingdom
  • While Glydon is explicitly stated to be an individual character, the PRIMA guide and his name in western languages suggests that Glydon is also name of his species
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