Glory of Heracles (JP) is a Nintendo DS video game released in 2008 by Nintendo (publisher) and Paon (developer) and in 2010 in America. This was the first game in the Japanese only series that wasn't headed by Data East, though people that were part of the company did help with the creation of the title to keep it true to the originals.


Heracles no Eikō: Tamashī no Shōmei, better known as Glory of Heracles in the west, is a role-playing game in which your party members' skills and character growth are greatly dissimilar to each other. The equipment you give your characters will be the defining aspects of them during battle, as there are no classes in the game. In traditional role-playing games, the player will naturally choose the most powerful weapons and give them to the characters supposing that they would be best for battles, though in this game, giving a character the sword with the most impressive statistics may not always prove to be the wisest thing, as there are many weapons and armor that grant the user special abilities that they normally wouldn't be given if they chose to equip the supposedly more powerful weapon.

Changes to the American version

When planning to release the game in North America, Paon decided to alter some of the aspects that Japanese gamers complained about. The most noteworthy change was the increased battle speed.

Allusions to other games

An Earth Nymph in the game will tell the player "Hee hee... This path... it's a secret to everybody." In The Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo Entertainment System, the old man tells Link "It's a secret to everybody."

In the game, Axios is told by Leucos that "life would be easier if you went by an alias." The conversation continues with Leucos saying "Hmmm... How about... "Pit"?". Axios then says "Pit? That doesn't even sound Greek!" Pit is the protagonist of the NES video game Kid Icarus, which was based loosely on Greek mythology.

When the party encounters Trantia's giant moving fortress, Princess Piazza pretends to be a diplomat from Trantia's neighboring ally, Archanea, and gains passage for the party. In the Fire Emblem series, Archanea is the name of both a country and continent.


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