The Glitz Pit is a fighting arena in Glitzville, from the GameCube game Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. The Glitz Pit is run by Grubba, a blue Clubba (or Spike) who, as it is revealed later, uses the Crystal Star to power himself up. Prince Mush was a former champion of the Glitz Pit, but Grubba made him "disappear". Rawk Hawk then became the champion.

The Glitz Pit uses a ranking system. The locker rooms are divided up by Minor League, Major League, and Champion. Fighters start in the Minor League. If they beat the highest rank in the Minor league, said fighter will advance to the Major League. The Minor League is filled with more with common, weaker enemies.


During a fight, Mario must fulfill a specific requirement Gurbba or Jolene gives him. This requirement varies, and is randomly chosen with each fight.

  • Appeal at least once to the crowd (Mario gets this for his first fight)
  • Appeal at least three times to the crowd
  • Don't attack for the first three turns
  • Don't let Mario attack
  • Don't let your partner attack
  • Don't switch your partner out
  • Don't use items
  • Don't use Flower Points
  • Don't use Special Moves
  • Don't use your hammer
  • Don't use your jump
  • Finish fight before taking 20 HP in damage
  • Finish fight in 5 turns or less
  • Take damage at least X times
  • Use at least one Special Move


The following are the rankings before Mario's first match in the Glitz Pit.


  • 0. Rawk Hawk

Major League

Minor League

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