Glimmer the Angler Fish[1] is an Animal Friend in the Donkey Kong series, who only appears in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. Glimmer lives in the sunken ships of Krem Quay, and has a lantern on his forehead for navigating the dark areas.


Donkey Kong series

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

In Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, where he only appears in his titular level, Glimmer's Galleon. Glimmer steadily follows behind Diddy and Dixie Kong, flashing his lantern for them to see the path ahead. He cannot be harmed by enemies.

In the Game Boy Advance remake, Glimmer's role became redundant due to the game's brighter visuals, enough for the player to see the Kongs' surroundings without his assistance.

Donkey Kong Land 2

Glimmer is absent from the Glimmer's Galleon stage in Donkey Kong Land 2, despite having his name in it. Instead, Glimmer's role was fulfilled by light-casting barrels.

Although he does not appear in-game, Glimmer still appears on the game's box art, which is based on Donkey Kong Country 2 promotional artwork of him guiding the Kongs underwater while a Lockjaw lurks behind them.

Club Nintendo

Donkey Kong Country

In the Club Nintendo comic adaptation of Donkey Kong Country 2, Glimmer makes a small cameo appearance in one panel to help Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong through the water of Krem Quay after the two fall into it while fleeing from a Kloak; it is not shown how the Kongs met Glimmer, nor is it shown when he departs from their company.

Official Descriptions

“Glimmer lives in one of the sunken Kremling galleons near Krem Quay. He'll offer his light to show the Kongs the way through one of the darkened underwater levels.”
―Donkey Kong Country 2 instruction booklet

“A newcomer to the ranks of the Kong clan compatriots, Glimmer will point the way through the murkiest waters around Crocodile Isle. His natural flashlight won't illuminate everything around you, but at least you'll be able to see where you're going. Finding the exit to a stage will still be up to you!”
―Donkey Kong Country 2 Nintendo Player's Guide, page 11

“Glimmer lives in one of the sunken Kremling galleons near Krem Quay. His light will lead the Kongs through a darkened underwater zone.”
―Donkey Kong Country 2 (GBA) instruction booklet


  • Glimmer may have appeared in the now-canceled Nintendo GameCube game Donkey Kong Racing, as he briefly appears in the trailer, during the scene where Diddy Kong and Tiny Kong race on Enguardes underwater.
  • A similar Animal Friend known as the Lightfish appears in Gloomy Galleon in Donkey Kong 64, fulfilling the same role. In fact, it uses the name "Glimmer" in Japanese, Spanish, and German, suggesting that it may just be a slightly redesigned Glimmer.
  • Although Glimmer is officially referred to as male, real-world anglerfish exhibit significant sexual dimorphism: male anglerfish are much smaller and do not possess the famous luminescent esca. This is a similar case to another aquatic Animal Friend, Orco, who is referred to as male despite resembling a female orca.
  • Glimmer is not in the list of Animal Friends in the New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console version's e-manual.


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