"Join a trio of chorus singers. You're the third, so you just have to keep up with the others!"

-In-game description

Glee Club is the second minigame played in Rhythm Heaven, coming right after Built to Scale. The player takes control of a chorus singer in a trio (called the Chorus Kids), himself being the third. It takes place in a little club building on the side of the street, but the room is completely void of anything, but the white walls and floor. The singing appears to be practice, because the four people (three singers and the instructor) are the only people there.

For some reason, the singers seem to wear nothing, but a tie and maybe a white suit, while the instructor clearly wears a shirt, pants, and a wig.

How to Play

The player controls the third singer, as stated above, and all he has to do is keep up with the others by singing at the right time. The player makes his Chorus Kid sing by simply not touching the touch screen. While there is no pressure on the touch screen, he is constantly singing. Shutting his mouth consists of just touching the screen and holding the pressure on it. Making the Chorus Kid yell (which the player sometimes must do) is done by flicking the stylus.

After the first Chorus Kid has sang his little part, the second one does, and then it's the player's turn. The player must make his Chorus Kid do exactly what the others did by letting off the pressure on the screen for a certain amount of time, sometimes a couple times. The player is told when to flick the stylus for a yell when the instructor says "all together now". All of the Chorus Kids do it at the same time if done correctly.


If you get a perfect on glee club 2, you will get a gift you read about the instructor. It says he's one of the clapping trio members from Rhythm Tengoku for the Game Boy Advance. Also the instructor's face is shown in the front cover of the game's box. One of the singers of the glee club is said to be Marshal from Night walk from both the GBA and Wii Rhythm Heaven games.

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