These are quotes said by Giovanni.


  • "Do you want to find out what 'or else' means?"
  • "I want rare Pokémon, not your pathetic excuses!"
  • "Just do your job for a change!"
  • "You really have changed. The Delia I knew would never be so mean!"
  • "NO! Team Rocket is evil!! EVIL!"
  • "I'm not mad. A little angry, maybe..."
  • "I see that you raise Pokémon with utmost care. A child like you would never understand what I hope to achieve. I shall step aside this time! I hope we meet again..."


Giovanni: You fools have better have a very good reason for calling me this early in the morning.
Jessie: Yes, but first we must do the introduction.
Giovanni: What? [Jessie and James recite the Team Rocket motto over the phone] Nitwits! How dare you annoy me with your nonsense! Don't EVER bother me like this again! [hangs up]

Jessie: Sir, we've finally captured a special Pokémon we think you're going to love!
James: It's even rarer than that Pikachu you want so much.
Meowth: And it's a real cutie, too!
Giovanni: What are you half-wits talking about?
Jessie: We've brought you a rare and valuable Pokémon - Togepi!
Giovanni: What, exactly, does this Pokémon do?
Jessie: Uh... what does this thing do?
James: Uh, well...
Meowth: Good question...
Jessie: Well, it would certainly make a handsome paperweight!
Giovanni: YOU FOOLS! You search for months and bring me this thing??! You are total incompetents!

Giovanni: Take the Pikachu, and order it to attack MechaMew2.
James: Why don't you do it, Boss?
Giovanni: I can't have a Pokémon battle with myself, you idiot!
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