Gigaslash is Hero's Final Smash. It was introduced with Hero in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


In this Final Smash, Hero performs an upward slash, and if the initial hit manages to damage at least one opponent, then they will be trapped in place, and a cutscene will play where the remaining non-playable Dragon Quest Heroes (in order of appearance, the Heroes from II, V, VI, VII, X, IX, and I) appear, and gather their weapons together, shooting energy upwards into the air, with the energy charging Hero's sword, who then attacks with an outward slash. The game cannot be paused for the duration of the move.

The Final Smash is comprised of two hits, with the second hit only being activated if the first hit manages to hit a player. The first hit of the move is a ranged sword swing with an electric effect, dealing 8% damage to any opponents that have taken damage from the hit. The second hit activates after the cutscene finishes and deals 39% damage with immense knockback. According to the cutscene, the second hit is presumably the result of a powerful electric slash from the sword that the Hero wields. Likewise, the second hit of Gigaslash will have an electric effect, similar to the first.