Giant Breadbug is an enemy in the Pikmin series. It is found in Glutton's Kitchen, a cave in Pikmin 2 and it is the boss in this cave. When Olimar defeats it he gives him an item. This makes electric not hurt Olimar, Louie, or President. He is apart of the Breadbug Family. It will come out and take dead enemies and treasures, kill him and he will lose all the items he stored. It is also in the challenge level Snack Pit. It was not in Pikmin for the GameCube.


Olimar's Notes

"This gargantuan species of the greater breadbug family has a torso so perfectly square that it almost seems like it was formed in a mold. For a brief period after birth, the giant breadbug competes for food with smaller breadbugs, but upon reaching maturity it seeks out much larger prey. This is the primary reason that two species with similar feeding habits can coexist in the same habitat. Hordes of Pikmin appear to pose the only plausible threat to this massive creature's life."

Louie's Notes

"Although cooking this colossal beast yields a mountain of meat, every ounce of it is flavorless. Only suitable for intergalactic all-you-can-eat buffets."

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