Ghost is one of the 18 Pokémon types. Notable ghost trainers include Morty of Ecruteak City, Phoebe of the Hoenn Elite Four, Fantina of Hearthome City, Shauntal of the Unova Elite Four and Acerola of the Alola Elite Four.

List of ghost-type Pokémon

Sprite Pokémon Type Information
PKMN092 Gastly GhostGhostPoisonPoison
PKMN093 Haunter GhostGhostPoisonPoison
PKMN094 Gengar GhostGhostPoisonPoison
PKMN200 Misdreavus GhostGhost
PKMN292 Shedinja BugBugGhostGhost
PKMN302 Sableye DarkDarkGhostGhost
PKMN353 Shuppet GhostGhost
PKMN354 Banette GhostGhost
PKMN355 Duskull GhostGhost
PKMN356 Dusclops GhostGhost
PKMN425 Drifloon GhostGhostFlyingFlying
PKMN426 Drifblim GhostGhostFlyingFlying
PKMN429 Mismagius GhostGhost
PKMN442 Spiritomb GhostGhostDarkDark
PKMN477 Dusknoir GhostGhost
PKMN478 Froslass IceIceGhostGhost
PKMN479 Rotom ElectricElectricGhostGhost
PKMN487 Giratina GhostGhostDragonDragon
PKMN562 Yamask GhostGhost
PKMN563 Cofagrigus GhostGhost
PKMN592 Frillish WaterWaterGhostGhost
PKMN593 Jellicent WaterWaterGhostGhost
PKMN607 Litwick GhostGhostFireFire
PKMN608 Lampent GhostGhostFireFire
PKMN609 Chandelure GhostGhostFireFire
PKMN622 Golett GroundGroundGhostGhost
PKMN623 Golurk GroundGroundGhostGhost
PKMNXY679 Honedge SteelSteelGhostGhost
PKMNXY680 Doublade SteelSteelGhostGhost
PKMNXY681 Aegislash SteelSteelGhostGhost
PKMNXY708 Phantump GhostGhostGrassGrass
PKMNXY709 Trevenant GhostGhostGrassGrass
PKMNXY710 Pumpkaboo GhostGhostGrassGrass
PKMNXY711 Gourgeist GhostGhostGrassGrass
PKMNXY720 Hoopa PsychicPsychicGhostGhost
PKMNSM724 Decidueye GrassGrassGhostGhost
PKMNSM769 Sandygast GhostGhostGroundGround
PKMNSM770 Palossand GhostGhostGroundGround
PKMNSM778 Mimikyu GhostGhostFairyFairy
PKMNSM781 Dhelmise GhostGhostGrassGrass
PKMNSM792 Lunala PsychicPsychicGhostGhost
PKMNSM802 Marshadow FightingFightingGhostGhost
PKMNSM806 Blacephalon FireFireGhostGhost
PKMNSS854 Sinistea GhostGhost
PKMNSS855 Polteageist GhostGhost
PKMNSS864 Cursola GhostGhost
PKMNSS867 Runerigus GroundGroundGhostGhost
PKMNSS885 Dreepy DragonDragonGhostGhost
PKMNSS886 Drakloak DragonDragonGhostGhost
PKMNSS887 Dragapult DragonDragonGhostGhost

Alternate forms

Sprite Pokémon Type Information
PKMNXY094-M Mega Gengar GhostGhostPoisonPoison
PKMNSM105-A Marowak
Alola Form
PKMN302-M Mega Sableye DarkDarkGhostGhost
PKMNSS222-G Corsola
Galar form
PKMNXY354-M Mega Banette GhostGhost
PKMN487-O Giratina
Origin forme
PKMN493-Ghost Arceus
Spooky Plate
PKMNSS562-G Yamask
Galar form
PKMNSM741S Oricorio
Sensu Style
PKMNSM773-Ghost Silvally
Ghost Memory
PKMNSM800-Dawn Dawn Wings Necrozma PsychicPsychicGhostGhost

List of Ghost-type moves

Name Category Contest PP Power Accuracy Generation
Night Shade SpecialSpecial Clever 15 Varies 100% First
Confuse RayStatusStatusClever10100%First
Destiny BondStatusStatusClever5Second
Shadow BallSpecialSpecialClever1580100%Second
Shadow PunchPhysicalPhysicalClever2060Third
Shadow ClawPhysicalPhysicalCool1570100%Fourth
Shadow SneakPhysicalPhysicalClever3040100%Fourth
Ominous WindSpecialSpecialBeautiful560100%Fourth
Shadow ForcePhysicalPhysicalCool5120100%Fourth
Phantom Force PhysicalPhysical Cool 10 90 100% Sixth
Trick-or-Treat StatusStatus Cute 20 100% Sixth
Moongeist Beam SpecialSpecial 5 100 100% Seventh
Shadow Bone PhysicalPhysical 10 85 100% Seventh
Spectral Thief PhysicalPhysical 10 90 100% Seventh
Spirit Shackle PhysicalPhysical 10 80 100% Seventh

Z-Moves and Max Moves

  • Never-Ending Nightmare -  Ghostium Z
  • Sinister Arrow Raid (Spirit Shackle) - Decidium Z
  • Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike (Spectral Thief) - Marshadium Z
  • Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom (Moongeist Beam) - Lunalium Z
  • Max Phantasm
  • G-Max Terror - Gengar
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