Ghosts are minions of the Ultimate Ghost in Find Mii. They are first seen in the opening where three of them carry away the cage with the monarch in it. The first time they are encountered as enemies is in the first area, the Fort of Summoning. They only have 7 HP in the game. When the heroes attack them they appear to make a squealing sound. This is probably because of their size, as they are small. They are light yellow with black eyes and have red tongues. The final time they are encountered is in Gloomy Grotto where the ghost is protected by a yellow shield (which can only be destroyed by a yellow shirt hero) and appear with a Blue Ghost. They are also in Find Mii 2, albeit with 10 HP, where one appears with a Shambling Mummy. Ghosts also appear in the secret quest. Seeing as there are more methods for attack in Find Mii 2, all Ghosts are shielded.


Find Mii 1

  • Fort of Summoning
  • Fort of Summoning (2)
  • Gloomy Grotto (protected by yellow shield)

Secret Quest

  • Perilous Prairie - Exit (protected by yellow shield)
  • Bewitching Bog - West (protected by light blue shield)


Health Abilities
Ghost Find Mii 7 -

Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS

Ghosts make an appearance in Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS as enemies in the Smash Run game mode. Wielding Yellow Shields, Ghosts attempt to block the player's attack. To get past a Ghost's shield and defeat the spirit once and for all, the player must grab and defeat the ghost before its shield can reappear.

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