The Gerudo Language is a dialect used by the Gerudo tribe in the Zelda series. This language has been around in a written form since The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time but it was given a few spoken words in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Like the other inhabitants of Hyrule, they primarily speak the Hylian Language in everyday interactions with the other races, the Gerudo dialect being reserved to conversations amongst Gerudo. Unlike most other races, Gerudo springle their Hylian sentences with a few Gerudo words, which is why we know those words as spoken Hylian is usually depicted as the language used by the player. This particularity probably comes from their history with the rest of Hyrule as they were almost always in conflict with the other races before Ocarina of Time, which may have led to their strong cultural independance.


This is a list of the known Gerudo words.

  • Sarqso: Thank you
  • Sav'otta: Good morning
  • Sav’aaq: Good day
  • Sav’orq: Good-bye
  • Sav’orr: Unknown, most likely "Good night"
  • Sav'saaba: Good evening
  • Vasaaq: Welcome
  • Vaba: Grandmother
  • Vai: Woman
  • Vehvi: Unknown, potentially "Daughter", "Girl", or a feminine form of "Baby"
  • Voe: Man
  • Vure: Unknown, most likely "Bird"


Gerudo Script

Gerudo Script.

The Gerudo script is a Latin cipher that based on the english version of this alphabet. Despite having their own language in-universe, every piece of written Gerudo text is written in actual english as no complete spoken Gerudo language exist. The Gerudo script is the only Zelda script known to use an adaptation of the Roman numerals as their numerical system contain only two numbers: 1 and 5. It is assumed that those two numbers are used consecutively to reach the desired number. 6 would be written 51, 10 would the written 55, etc...

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