The Gerudo tribe lives outside of the Gerudo Valley, home to a desolate wasteland and the Spirit Temple. The tribe is populated almost entirely by females, though every 100 years a male is born into the race, and is made the King of the Gerudo. It is unknown if the Gerudo tribe still acknowledges Ganondorf as one of them, as they have an unsettling hate for men, not to mention Ganondorf set out to destroy Hyrule and turn it into his dark kingdom.

Unlike Hylians, Gerudo have round ears and are typically tanned in skin color. Red hair is a common trait, and overall the species seems to be based around Arabic qualities, and possibly the Amazons (both real worlds).

Gerudo Symbol (1)

The Gerudo Symbol


Ocarina of Time

Original Gerudo Symbol

The old Gerudo symbol in the Nintendo 64 original version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

As formerly stated, one male is born every one hundred years, with Ganondorf being that particular male in the events that took place in Ocarina of Time. Female Gerudos go into other towns such as Castle town and find men to 'seduce'. they are seen as thieves, who are skilled at horse back riding while being also skilled with dual sabers.

Majora's Mask

They are noted as being pirates in the game of Majora's Mask, and are very skilled at fighting, with most being capable of wielding bows and arrows, dual-wielding swords and other weapons.

Four Swords Adventures

In Four Swords Adventures, a tribe of Gerudo live in a village within the Desert of Doubt in the southwest corner of Hyrule. Unlike previous appearances, they are not hostile to outsiders, and seem to have a good reputation in Hyrule. Ganondorf is once again the king of the Gerudo.

The Wind Waker

In The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, the "Forsaken Fortress" might be related to the monuments and buildings in the Gerudo Fortress. A witness would be the large pot used to make potions just like in Ocarina of Time and another strange witness is possibly the weapons a few monsters in the fortress appear to carry along with some items that seem to relate with the items a Gerudo would carry, such as spears. It's often not noticed, but, the Gerudo's fortresses often seem to have a jail, a large pot, and a lot of shelves included with the usual pots just like it had in the Gerudo Fortress in Ocarina of Time. Also, Ganon/Ganondorf stays in the fortress for he too is a Gerudo.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess Ganondorf is the only Gerudo seen alive, the other are supposed to have perish after the events of Ocarina of Time

Breath of the Wild

In The third trailer of Breath of the Wild a village bearing the symbol of the Gerudos as well as a Gerudo herself appears, confirming their presence in the game


  • The Gerudo say that they reached the desert and Hyrule by sailing across a vast ocean from a land far in the west (possibly Termina), meaning they are not native to Hyrule.
  • The Gerudo are the only other spieces (with the Hylian) to have one of their own as a wielder of the Triforce.
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