Geoffrey ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He is a Crimean general, and the commander of the Crimean Royal Knights. Geoffrey is the younger brother of Lucia, and is Elincia's milk sibling and a close friend of Bastian.

His weapon of choice is the Brave Lance, which he claims to be very proud of. At some point after the end of The Mad King's War, his weapon somehow winds up in the hands of Queen Elincia. When the rebellion breaks out, Elincia hesitates to return the lance into Geoffrey's possession, distraught at the thought of using such a powerful weapon against the Crimean people. At Geoffrey's insistence, she gives it back.


Path of Radiance

A royal knight of Crimea, and a member of house Delbray, he and Elincia have been friends since childhood. After being separated from Elincia, while still filled with regret over his failure, Geoffrey disguised himself as a merchant along with Lucia and Bastian while they awaited her return.

Geoffrey is first introduced as part of a collusion between himself, Lucia and Bastian, where they make plans to celebrate Elincia's return to Crimea with the Greil Mercenaries and their forces. He then agrees to stand guard by Delbray Castle, while Lucia and Bastian leave to join up with Elincia.

However, after the two manage to catch up with Elincia, the Daein forces proceed to mount an attack upon Delbray Castle. Despite being advised to leave Geoffrey and escape, Elincia persists in convincing Ike in going to his rescue.

Radiant Dawn

Geoffrey makes his first appearance in Part 2 of the game, where he is observed to be the leader of the Crimean Royal Knights. He then leads them into laying siege upon Castle Felirae, later realizing that it is a trap laid by Ludveck's forces.

Geoffrey and the Crimean Royal Knights will then leave for Castle Crimea hastily, showing up as reinforcements for Elincia's forces in the Chapter 2-F. They will then proceed to charge forward and overwhelm Ludveck, thus trapping the rebel forces. After the events of Part 2 come to an end, Geoffrey will be left to guard Crimea in Elincia's absence, as she decides to join the Laguz Alliance.

Geoffrey will reappear in Part 4 with Volke and Bastian in tow, and may then be chosen to enter the Tower of Guidance.

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