Mayor Geldegarde Monotoli is a fictional character from the SNES game EarthBound. He is the mayor of the city of Fourside and, as his name states, owner of the Monotoli Building. Once the Happy Happy Cult disbands, Porky Minch starts working for Monotoli, along with his father, as business consultants. At this time, Giygas is controlling the mayor, who later sends the Dept. Store Spook to kidnap Paula Polestar by the time she and her friends enter the Department Store in Fourside. Once Ness's party discovers Moonside and beat the Evil Mani Mani statue, Monotoli stops being corrupt, and confesses he had been manipulated by the evil powers of the statue. He then offers the party his private helicopter to travel to Summers. However, Porky Minch suddenly takes the helicopter and leaves the building, leaving the characters with no way to travel.

After the events of the game, Monotoli gave back his building to the ex-mayor, Enrich Flavor, and become the elevator man of the building.


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