Overview of an Inkling's gear.

Gear is the collective name for a set of headgear, shoes, clothes, and weapon in Splatoon. Gear can be bought from the shops in Booyah Base (Shrimp Kicks, Cooler Heads, Jelly Fresh, and Ammo Knights.) They can also be ordered from the Inklings walking around Inkopolis Plaza. The player can pick them up from Spyke.

Gear also have special abilities that go into effect when put on.

List of Gear Abilities

Icon Ability Buff Gear
[1] Ink Saver (Main) Retains Ink more. Main Weapon
[2] Ink Saver (Sub) Retains Ink more. Sub Weapon
[3] Special Charge Up Specials Charge Faster. Special Weapon
[4] Special Duration Up Specials last longer. (May not work for one-use specials such as the Ink Tornado. Special Weapon
[5] Ink Recovery Up Recovering ink is faster. Main Weapon
[6] Quick Respawn Respawn faster.  ???
[7] Special Saver After being splatted you will not loose progress on your special bar. Special Weapon
[8] Haunt Locate the squid that previously splatted you.  ???
[9] Comeback  ???  ???
[10] Bomb Range Up Bigger AOE for Bombs. Sub Weapon
[11] Tenacity  ???  ???
[12] Run Speed Up Your squid can run faster.  ???
[13] Swim Speed Up Swimming is faster.  ???
[14] Quick Super Jump Speed of the Super Jump is raised.  ???
[15] Stealth Jump Invisble while jumping in squid form.  ???
[16] Ninja Squid While swimming through ink you are invisible.  ???
[17] Recon  ???  ???
[18] Opening Gambit Raised damage in the first 30 seconds of a match.  ???
[19] Last-Ditch Effort Raised damage in the last 30 seconds of a match.  ???
[20] Ink Resistance Up Able to endure more damage from Ink.  ???
[21] Defense Up In-general defense is raised.  ???
[22] Damage Up In-general damage is raised.  ???
[23] Coldblooded  ???  ???
[24] Bomb Sniffer Reveals the location of bombs  ???
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