Gaur Plain is a stage from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U based on the location from Xenoblade Chronicles.

Stage Elements

Nintendo 3DS

Wii U

This version is expanded, now with wider top platforms and an additional set of platforms at the bottom with springs.

Metal Face also appears in the center of this stage when the stage transitions into night. He slashes at the fighters and fires at the stage to demolish half of it. He also taunts the fighters. Dealing enough damage to him will destroy him, setting off an explosion that will opponents below as well. He does appear when this stage is in 8 Player Smash



  • Gaur Plain
  • You Will Know Our Names (Alternate)

Wii U

These songs play in the Wii U version. The bolded must be unlocked.

  • Gaur Plain
  • Xenoblade Chronicles Medley
  • Engage the Enemy
  • Gaur Plain (Night)
  • Time to Fight!
  • An Obstacle in Our Path
  • Mechanical Rhythm
  • You Will Know Our Names
  • The valedictory elegy (From Baten Kaitos)


This location is based on the location of the same name in Xenoblade. Gaur Plain is an early location in the game, soon after Shulk leaves Colony 9.


  • Metal Face makes occasionally unique quotes towards Shulk if he is in the fight.


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