The following are quotes from the game, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy.


  • Yellow Wizard - needs food! (when your health reads 200)
  • BFG! (when the Archer uses her special move)
  • Wheel of Death! (when the Knight uses his special move)
  • Green Jester - needs food badly! (when your health reads 150)
  • Red Dwarf - is about to die! (when your health reads 50)
  • Blue Knight - is now a level 81 champion! (Sumner mistakenly pronounced it as "18")
  • Collect gold to buy powerups. (when you walk into gold for the first time)
  • Don't waste the magic. (when you use magic)
  • Your magic is full. (when your potion capacity reads 9)
  • Your keyring is full. (when your key capacity reads 9)
  • You have defeated the horrifying Lich and recovered his shard. You have found (a number of runestones) in this realm.


  • Mmm... delicious... (when you walk into a food)
  • Oof! (when hit)
  • Ugh! (when hit)


  • I love food! (when you walk into a food)
  • Ugh!
  • Uhh!


  • Skorne is dead! Feel has... power! FEEL HAS POWER! (when you killed Skorne)

Other Announcer

  • Poison Food tastes bad! (when you walk into a poisonous food for the first time)
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