The Gatling Groink is an enemy from Pikmin 2. It is one of the series most bizarre creatures, as it appears to be some kind of fish/chicken/tank that wanders an area, blasting away intruders or standing on top of some high area acting as a turret. It is very dangerous to Pikmin and is a powerful enemy, so no matter how strange it looks it should be taken seriously. If you can use an Ultra-Bitter Spray against it, this would be the best choice. This will give Olimar the chance to destroy it from behind, which is the weak point as the head is completely shielded. Groinks that are defeated normally will begin to slowly regain their health after they are knocked out, making it imperative that they are stowed in a ship or onion before they can wreak havoc once more.


Fortunately, this enemy is rare. Because it is a wandering enemy, be prepared for it at all times after you enter its territory.


Olimar's Notes

"This beastly predator's aggressive ejection of high-speed projectiles makes it one of the most fearsome creatures in the ecosystem. Its body seems to comprise of both biological and mechanical components, and represents one of the most evolutionarily advanced specimens ever observed. The chamber within its torso gives it rapid-fire bio-pellet launch capabilities. What appears to be a tail fin is in fact the base of its counter-weight and ammunition cylinder, so immobilizing this appendage will prevent the groink from least in theory. Confirmation of this suspicion remains elusive, as nobody has volunteered to test it."

Louie's Notes

"Remove the cannon and ammo stockpile, then vigorously tenderize the meat with a heavy mallet. Stir-fry with caramelized onions and figwort sprouts. Spoon over a steaming bowl of fluffy white rice and douse with chili sauce."

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