The Gate Key is a device that opens the Time Gates in Chrono Trigger. It was created by Lucca.


The Queen is Gone

After successfully rescuing both Queen Leene and Marle in 600 A.D., Crono and his party head back to the Time Gate in Truce Canyon. Lucca unveils her newest invention, the Gate Key, to open up the portal manually. Together, the three of them jump back to 1000 A.D.

Footsteps! Follow!

After the party to celebrate Crono's arrival in Ioka Village in 65,000,000 B.C., the Gate Key was stolen by Kino because he was jealous of Crono. But the Reptites, in turn, stole the Gate Key from Kino. Ayla then joined Crono's party momentarily to journey to the Reptite Lair where they found Azala with the Key. Azala then unleashes Nizbel on them. Nizbel is defeated and Azala becomes frightened of their strength. She unwillingly hands over the Gate Key.

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