Quotes said by Gary Oak.


  • "Well, Ash, ya snooze ya lose, and you're behind right from the start!"
  • "You're the fourth to leave home, but as a trainer, you're dead last!"
  • "Only amateurs show off their Pokémon! If I were gonna show something off, it'd be my personal fan club!"
  • "I'm here to battle, not to talk. What about you?"
  • "I earned so many badges already I'm takin' a break to work on my tan!"
  • "If you showed up on time, you would've seen that I got the best Pokémon from Professor Oak! It pays to have a grandfather in the Pokémon business, isn't it?"
  • "Sometimes I wonder why I was cursed with this talent."
  • "Still playing with your cute little Poké-pals, eh, Ash?"
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