Garon is a non-playable character and the primary antagonist in Fire Emblem Fates.


Garon is the king of Nohr and a stern man. He is the father of Xander, Camilla, LeoElise, the stepfather of Azura, and the husband of Katerina and Arete. Following his murder of Sumeragi, he kidnapped a young Avatar and raised them in a near isolated environment for all of their time in Nohr. Due to Nohr's horrible weather and poor crop yields, he orders his children to invade Hoshido. He is ambitious and has a lust for power, and is always suspicious of others. Unfortunately his attempts to attack Hoshido were stopped by a magical barrier placed by Hoshido's queen Mikoto, which robbed any Nohrian soldier of any will to fight if they passed through it.

Several support conversations between the Nohrian siblings reveal that in his youth, he had a very different demeanor towards his children, being a doting and loving father. However, he also frequently indulged in his rather harmful passions, did not take responsibility for his actions and never could leave a woman he'd once loved. As a result, his many mistresses began jockeying for his favor, often turning to violence in the process. It's thought that this unhappy family life is what eventually hardened him into the person he is at the start of the game. Furthermore, it is also revealed that he also visited the Rainbow Sage when he was younger, and thus received power from him.

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