Gangplank Galleon was the King K. Rool's ship and Kremling Krew's cruiser in Donkey Kong series to be shipwrecked and sunken.


This is a wooden ship with 3 rigging, 3 windows with cannons, Kremling Krew symbol in middle sailboat and black flag in back, K. Rool's golden figurehead in ship bow and red flag striped with black at the top of the mainbrace.

Inside of cabin contains four windows, crown inside the chest, maps in desk, flag with human skull and crossbones, sword, barrel, candelabrum, cannonballs, crate and K. Rool painting.


Under K. Rool's command, the Gangplank Galleon led the Kremlings to invade Donkey Kong Island two times. In a battle that followed, K. Rool fight with Kongs in first game.

In second game, this ship is beached on Crocodile Isle rocky coast serving as early part of Diddy and Dixie during the DK rescue to sinks to the bottom of the ocean along with rest of Crocodile Isle.

In Donkey Kong 64, remains of the Gangplank Galleon appear in sea botton of Gloomy Galleon along with Kremling Krew's sunken navy.


Donkey Kong Land

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest


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