Gandrayda is a Bounty Hunter who appears in the 2007 Wii title, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Gandrayda's unique shapeshifting ability allows her to transform into various bioforms, often being seen as an ideal bounty hunter for stealth and reconaisance missions. While her age is never explicitly stated, it is suggested she has a high degree of youthfulness, often seeking fun in mischievious pranks and teasing. Gandrayda also views Samus Aran as her chief rival, intending to surpass her at the earliest opportunity.

After being recruited by the Galactic Federation to stop the spread of Phazon corruption across the Aurora Units powering their fleet, Gandrayda travles to Norion after a Space Pirate surprise attack disables the planetary defense system. Teaming up with Samus, Rundas , and Ghor , the tetrad are attacked by Dark Samus and are defeated, left unconcious, and infected with Phazon. Awakening a short time later, Gandrayda was given a Phazon Enhancment Device by the Galactic Federation. Using the device allowed her to harnes the Phazon coarsing through her veins, and gave her the ability to unleash powerful attacks. She was sent to find the Space Pirate's stronghold, but became corrupted by Phazon shortly after her departue. It is suggested she became a Space Pirate mistress, being revered for her cruel nature and fighting tactics. Samus' journey eventually leads her to the Space Pirate homeworld, where Gandrayda disguises herself as a Galactic Federation trooper in an attempt to lure Samus. After she surprise attacks Samus, they battle, resulting in her demise and full corruption by Dark Samus.

"Shake Off Gandrayda" attack, featuring Gandrayda laughing if not shaken off. Her sadistic nature represented, as direct result of her Phazon corruption.

Gandrayda's noteworthy attack strategy involves transforming into Samus' previous foes, including the previous bounty hunters she has encountered. A byproduct of her transformation, she inherits the weakness of the bioform she transforms into. She also attempts to grapple and wrestle Samus physically, attacking with four different strategies ("Shake Off Gandrayda"). A video showcasing these attacks can be found here . It is suggested that the Phazon corruption turned her sadistic and cruel, as she frequently giggles and expresses pleasure if allowed to dominate Samus.

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