Gamer is a stage in the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, based on the Game & Wario mode, Gamer. 5-Volt is a constant threat in this stage.

Stage Features

The stage is a fairly simple table with an arrangement of books and toys. Each time the stage starts, it is a different arrangement.

5-Volt, the mother, comes around every so often and slowly has her gaze reach the stage indicated by the yellow light. If the player is caught in the yellow light, they face a decent bit of damage and knockback. At higher percents, they might be KO'd.


Wii U


  • The background is identical to Gamer in Game & Wario, except rendered in 3D. Even the ways 5-Volt can spot the players are the same as well as the fakeouts, save for one way.
  • Sometimes, the stage starts with an easel with a pad of paper on it. This has various WarioWare characters on it. Sometimes 5-Volt looks from there too.
  • Pyoro from the Birds and Beans minigame appears on this stage sometimes. He walks back and forth on some blocks and can block 5-Volt's view.


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