Game Notes being taken while playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.

Game Notes is an application that comes preloaded with every Nintendo 3DS system. It can be accessed on the top of the bottom screen by touching the yellow pencil icon. With Game Notes, players can jot down notes or draw a picture that can be used to assist them in a Nintendo 3DS video game. It is useful because any 3DS video game can be paused so that the player can access their notes (this feature does not work with Nintendo DS or DSiWare video games).

When playing a game, Game Notes can be opened by pressing the HOME button in the lower-center portion of the Nintendo 3DS. Following this, the user is requested to press the Game Notes icon where they will be allowed to write a total of sixteen separate notes. Players are given three different colors of pencils to choose from: black, red, and blue, in addition to an eraser. The icon to the right of the eraser, which shows a simple drawing of a Nintendo 3DS and two arrows, allows players to zoom in on either the top screen or lower screen of the game in progress, or show both screens at once. By pressing the button to the right of the "switch screen" icon, players can choose to either delete the image (by pressing clear) or export the image to an SD card where it can be viewed with the Nintendo 3DS Camera.

Once the note is complete, the user must press the arrow button at the bottom-left portion of the screen to return to the Game Notes menu. From there, players can choose to return to the game in progress.