Metroid Prime 2 Issue

Game Informer is a magazine that's first issue was released in August 1991. It is owned by Gamestop, a game selling company, though it will also be sold else where such as Barnes & Noble, and others. It features all current Nintendo made products, as well as it's competitors.

Game Informer is self-proclaimed "The World's #1 Computer and Video Game Magazine", as stated on every recent cover of the magazine.


  • Staff - Information on all the staff
  • GI Spy - Pictures of some of the companies in Video Games
  • Dear GI - Letters that fans have sent in, as well as fan art
  • Connect - Latest Technological News
  • Gear - Covering all Gadgets and Gear
  • Opinion - An editorial on the state of video gaming
  • Cover Story - All the info on the game or subject on the cover
  • Previews - Previews on upcoming games
  • PhotoPhile - Many photos of upcoming games with short descriptions
  • Reviews - Reviews of games that just came out, or are about to
  • Charts - Top 20 selling video games
  • Reviews Archive - Many old review scores from past issues
  • Secret Access - Cheat and hint page
  • Classic GI - reviews of classic games
  • Game Over - Video Game Trivia

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